100 Missions Level 2 Solution

By | October 3, 2012

New Recruit : Explosive Situation ! Help answer for 100 missions level 2 solution


For mission 2 you will infiltrate the hangar building and destroy the stockpile by any means necessary !

100 missions mission 2 walkthrough :
Enter the room and go right
pick up the dirty rag from the boxes
pick up canister from the back of the truck

go all the way left to the helicopter and pick up a chloroform jar from there
combine the jar with the dirty rag by dragging one to the other in your inventory

go to the soldier and use the rag to him
pick up dog tags and a small key from him

click the missiles and go right
pick up AK47 and go right to the left of the tank and pick up C4 explosives

read the paper from where you goth the rifle for part of the code, also another part of the code is explained to the left of the vehicle

type this code on the door : 99722472
it’s from the soldier’s ID and everything else

enter the door and click on the middle locker
use the key and get all 3 items inside

go left and click the scientist
using AK47 you can take the documents from him


go left and put the canister on the shelves
according to the codes, the chemicals that you have to put inside the canister are :
Pa Sn Cu W Pu (you have to do it in the right order)

Now drag the C4 over the canister, then go to the car and open it with the car keys
get the pliers from there and go to the front side of the car, open the hood
use the pliers on the battery to take wires
drag the wires over the canister


go to the barrels and place the canister there
then go back until you exit the hangar
you’ll see the hangar explode and you’re done !