100 Missions Level 5 Solution

By | October 4, 2012

Agent Rescue : Wheelhouse Infiltration ! Walkthrough for 100 missions level 5 solution


find way through the wheel house and recue our operative.
Agent, you have tracked down our missing operative to the ship wheelhouse. Our intel shows that she is being held in a nearby room. There is only one exit, find your way through the wheel house and rescue our operative before it is too late !

if you want to skip this level just use this code : 6891 😛 read the help detail below how to pass this level

100 missions mission 5 walkthrough :
click the briefcase on the table (right side)
a mini puzzle, you must make the number in order from the top right : 1 – 15
it’s the key to open !
you can get a map, plastic sealed image and key

look on the room with wheel and click the left desk
pick up the blue pencil
look at the backside of this desk (click under wheel on bottom left)
you can get the extension cord

go to room with clock
click the bottom left side of clock’s pillar and get instrument for measuring angles
there’s a white shelf, zoom in pick up D shaped ruler
press the captain hat to move it and get a new key

go to room with globe, use the key to open the closet on the right side
you can pick up microphone, black logbook and L shaped ruler

now click on the globe on left side to zoom in
and use the special key to open it
get another plastic sealed image
combine 2 plastic sealed images to get a number : 4756

go to the room with clock again, this time click the ship picture
use the number code to open safe
get old style sea compass and gold pocket watch

back to the table with globe, now put these items in order :
D shaped ruler
Instrument for measuring angles
L shaped ruler
Blue pencil
Old style sea compass

you’ll hear a sound, check out in your inventory there’s a crumpled piece of paper with coordinates : 41 46, 50 14

from the room with clock there’s a picture of charles fryatt
back to the room with wheel and click the right desk
input the code : 1872 (DOB of charles fryatt)
check the drawers underneath this desk
now you can open the second drawer, take the headset and microphone stand

go back to the door, look at the bottom left pillar
use the extension cord to the outlet, so you can connect the cords

zoom out and click the machine one the middle
combine the microphone and the stand then put it to small hole on the right
now put the headset to the white radio on the machine
enter the code from coordinate : 41465014
you’ll get a new a new code on the monitor : 6891

use this code to exit on the door !

Well done agent, the door code has been cracked and you may now continue on with your mission. You must move quickly, our operative is still in danger !