100 Missions Level 7 Solution

By | October 11, 2012

Agent Rescue : The Escape ! After you rescue the agent now get ready for escape ! Help answer for 100 missions level 7 solution
Find a way off the vessel and make your escape. Agent,this is it! We knew we made the right choice in sending you. Our operative is free, but you are still in danger ! find a way off the vessel and make your escape.


100 missions mission 7 walkthrough :
find a diving fins on top right corner near blocks + blue barrel


find your girl and click her for some hint : 3 numbers : 714
back to left and zoom the locker
enter 9714 on the lock and get a red fire extinguisher

find a room with fire, use fire extinguisher on it


move forward to the locker where you will find another code : 1,8,70,627
the answer for the locker is 5639

here’s the explanation why
find a pattern from the numbers :
1 * 9 – 1 = 8
8 * 9 – 2 = 70
70 * 9 – 3 = 627
627 * 9 – 4 = 5639

open the locker and get a set of oxygen tanks, old style silver key and a sheet of paper code
back to the first locker, this time go to the middle where you can find a bag on a box
use silver key to open it and get a heavy steel hammer

back to the locker that you just open, and smash the door with hammer
so you can keep the door

go to the stairs and put the door on the stairs
now you can climb up


use the hammer on the left crate box and get a steel chain
get a set of diving googles on box
and click on the right hand rail (T position) to get a dark metal key

back to the girl, zoom in the fence
use the key to open it
put the chain on the hook
click the right panel on wall


using the paper code, put these color on in:
1st row : – yellow red yellow
2nd row : red – yellow –
3rd row : yellow blue – blue
4th row : blue – blue red
5th row : – red – –
– = don’t change


you’ll have a hint on the floor : arrow up down up
go to the stairs
this time look under stairs
change the second lever column to down (both)
you will hear a splash

back to the fence, and click the water !

Congratulations, you have escaped the vessel unharmed and rescued our operative from the enemy.
You have done a great service for your country. See you at debriefing agent !