100 Missions Level 4 Solution

By | October 4, 2012

Agent Rescue : Guard Takedown ! Answer for 100 missions level 4 solution


Continue helping agent in mission 4 you need to eliminate the enemy guards and avoid detection !
Agent, you have made it on to the enemy vessel, but our undercover operative is still in danger ! after taking out the enemy guards, continue to track down the kidnapper and find the location she is being held. Hurry agent, time is running out !

100 missions mission 4 walkthrough :
pick up the anchor on the left side of guard
go to pile of pipes area and pick up 1 pipe
go to barrels area and pick up a wrench on white barrel and the left barrel of chemicals

back to the guard and use the pipe to hit him down
pick matches from his pocket

click the stairs forward and take the chains
back and click the yellow green machine

open the panel and use the chains to jam the gears
take off the left gear and use wrench to unscrew and get the screws

take the ladder on the left
go back to where you can see the guard down
use the ladder on the green storage and climb up
take a bucket and crowbar

now find the stairs with crates blocking the way
get the last crate and a newspaper from the first crate

go back and near the stairs there’s a rusted brown block on the right
click it to zoom and put the gear in the missing spot

put the screws into it and use crowbar to pull wooden lever on the right

go to the submarine and get the black net
go to the left, where you can see white door and some button on the left side
now put the black net on the floor below the hook

zoom in the net and put heavy items from your inventory : anchor, barrel, crate
click the Up button on left

combine the bucket with newspaper
put the bucket where the net was
use the matches to light up the newspaper

go back, and you will see the guards looking at the bucket
back to the button, now press the red emergency release button
the net will fall on the guards

go into the white door ! you’re done with mission 4

Well done agent, you were able to neutralize the guards and gain access to the wheel house. Find our operative and bring her home !