100 Missions Level 3 Solution

By | October 3, 2012

Agent Rescue : Dock Assault ! Guide for 100 missions level 3 solution


this time in mission 3 you will track down and help save an undercover agent who has been captured.
Agent, should you choose to accept this mission, you will track down and save an undercover agent who had been captured. Our intelligence reports that our agent was last seen being taken to a closed down shipping dock. They may be escaping.
You can not let the enemy escape with our undercover agent, the information which she contains is invaluable to our operations. Her loss will put years of intelligence gathering to waste. Make haste agent, there is little time ! good luck !

100 missions mission 3 walkthrough :
Click the soldier and tap the target when it’s near the soldier’s head so you can take him down.
Zoom in on the soldier and get the dart from his neck. Also, tap his pocket and get the code : 3555 for another puzzle later !


Tap the open door near the soldier and clean up the house
get from the table a big glass and a clipboard
get the large cutter near the chair
from the the fridge take piece of meat and energy drinks

in the same room to the left, click the piece of paper
there’s a code hint and you can take the duck tape too

check the computer to turn camera off
tap the keyboard and enter the code from the clipboard : 8694

Now move to the panel inside the room and change the switches to face like the image on the paper with duck tape !
top row : right down right
bottom row : down down left
also do the same thing with panel outside near the fence to cut off electrical power

go back to the fence and use the boltcutter on it
then give the meat to the dog and enter the new area


tap the right side of the orange box and get your 1st piece of wood
go right and take 2nd piece of wood near the wooden box

now go all the way to the left and tap on the boxes, get the rope
tap the ladder and go up, use the code from the soldier to the switches
first one is set to 128, and the other 3 all the way down
you won’t able to move it anymore if you’re getting it right


go back down and tap the door
use the dart from your inventory on the lock to open it
from this room take 3rd piece of wood, anchor and axe

click your inventory and combine 3 piece of wood together
then combine the anchor with rope

move all the way to the right and use the anchor on the boat
get the key from the boat

move to the elevator area and tap the power thing to the left of the elevator
tap the danger sign and use the duct tape on the wires

tap the upper side of the electrical thing and enter the code : 1015
you get this code after finding the ‘blank’ numbers from the tower and add them together


select your key from inventory and enter the elevator
tap the middle key hole and complete the puzzle so the orange block can pass to the right


here’s the answer :
drag 3 circles piece up
drag the 2 horizontal piece on the bottom to the left
drag the piece that blocks the exit all the way down
drag up 2 vertical pieces to the left
drag the bottom 2 horizontal pieces all the way to the left
drag down the other vertical piece that blocks the exit
drag the bottom piece to the right and the vertical piece with 3 circles down
drag the piece with 2 circles to the right and the final piece that blocks the exit all the way down
now you can move the orange piece to the exit


go right and you will notice that a ladder appeared
use the combined 3 planks on the missing piece

now you can climb the ladder

finish with level 3 🙂