100 Missions Level 6 Solution

By | October 4, 2012

Agent Rescue : The Rescue ! Help guide for 100 missions level 6 solution


Find or create a weapon to take out the abductor
Agent, your mission target is in range. This is it ! Find or create a weapon to take out the abductor, then rescue our operative and bring her home !

100 missions mission 6 walkthrough :
go to the right door room where you can see a bed
look on the speaker and take a metal rod above it

go outside and into the front room (kitchen)
take 4 items :
– vodca
– plastic with chemicals
– oil container
– metal pan

combine oil + vodca + chemicals into the metal pan
and put into the microwave

go outside, use the metal rod to lock the guards
click the right room where the guards used to be there
there’s water in this room
click the pipe for red wheel
zoom in fire extinguisher and break the glass with red wheel
you’ll get the extinguisher !

go out to back side where you can find a single guard
use the extinguisher to kill the guard ! pretty bloody 😛
take the gun and key from the guard
then put the red wheel on the pipe and press it
you’ll hear a sound

go back to room with water, the water is gone now
click the red color on the bottom right, it’s a screw driver

go back to room with bed
use the screwdriver to the left speaker and get a circular magnet
click the bed on the right to find a knife
combine the magnet to the knife, so it attached to a circular magnet
go to the left room
use the key to open the drawer and get the bullets

back to room with water and look on the middle floor
zoom in and unscrew the screws
use the knife to get an empty clip
combine it to the bullets
next combine to the gun

go back to the single guard that you killed before
go to left, using your gun.. open the door !
and done with mission 6 🙂

Brilliant work agent ! you have rescued the hostage and eliminated the captor. Now is the time to make your escape, good luck !