100 Missions Tower Heist Level 1 Solution

By | November 21, 2012

Welcome to mission 1: The Parking Garage of 100 Missions Tower Heist Level 1 Solution and find out the help guide here !


Agent, welcome to blackriver tower. Intelligence has analyzed city blueprints to determine the best point of entry. Make your way down into the parking garage and gain access to the tower elevator, disable or neutralize any resistance along the way. We will update you again once the elevator has been breached. Good luck agent

100 missions tower heist mission 1 walkthrough
drop the large metal sign in front of you, go to left room and find a manual to break into car
find a white car on A-4 and use the metal sign to open the car and get a sleeping pills
pull the lever near sear to open the back door, go to back door and get :
car jack for lifting a vehicle and pliers

go to A-3 and A-2
zoom in the black car and use the car jack, then get 2005 minted american quarter
click the car jack again
go to right room and zoom in the guard, use the sleeping pills on his drink
find a metal key from him, click left wall and get electrical tape from the picture and car key

go to right and find a red car to open with the key
click on under the wheel and open the plastic, where you’ll find some cable with colors
use pliers to cut then select electrical tape to connect and the paper manual as guide to connect these cable from your inventory
red – blue
yellow – yellow
blue – green
green – red

get out and slide the board in front of the car, use the key to open the panel
rememeber the hint near lift : 3-7-11 ? use it here, from left to right and top to bottom
now put the coin on 3 7 and 11
back and go to right to see the elevator open ! bit you won’t fit in yet
so use the car jack on the lift and tap 2x !

go to level 2 🙂