100 Missions Tower Heist Level 2 Solution

By | November 21, 2012

Help guide for mission 2: the office of 100 missions tower heist level 2 solution


Our intelligence has reported that a heavilly guarded safe may contain the information we are seeking. It appears that the safe is located on a floor with a separate elevator lift.
Find the lift, eliminate any resistance and make your way towards the safe room. Good luck agent !

100 missions tower heist mission 2 walkthrough :
get a woman statue on the cabinet, then look on the glass table to find a pencil and remote control
also get a clock on the wall
go to the desk and use the pencil on the paper to reveal a code : 1745
use this code to open the safe behind the painting
you’ll get a knife and paper

tips : click knife to change the shape into screwdriver / knife

use the screwdriver to get battery from clock and combine it to remote
use knife to cut the extension cord of the printer, then connect it to the cable under desk
click the black PC and get the CD

use the remote on the curtains
zoom in the window and use the paper to reveal safe box position on the wall
now zoom out and click the area where the safe box is so you can zoom in
use the woman statue to break the wall
put the CD to reveal some numbers of code : 4853
open the safe and get a key + gun

look on the cabinet again and use the key to open the safe
you’ll get a silencer, combine it with the gun

now use the gun and click the guards and elevator !

great job agent, you have managed to gain entry to the elevator lift
continue to make your way towards the safe room !