100 Missions Tower Heist Level 12 Solution

By | December 15, 2012

Help solution for mission 12 : the heliport of 100 missions tower heist level 12 solution


Agent, you have exceeded all of our expectations. you have made your way to the top of blackriver tower and have secured the evidence needed to bury blackriver industries once and for all.
All that is left now is your escape, take to the roof and use any means necessary to escape the tower with evidence in hand
we’re counting on you

100 missions tower heist mission 12 walkthrough :
you need to silence the guard or he will call for help !
get the stone on floor and go to the stairway to get a small metal screw
go back to left and look for an axe inside a glass window
use the stone to break and get the axe

use axe to open door and go inside
get a rope and another small metal screw
go outside and place the metal screw on the machine (left and right)

go to right until dead end and zoom in the barrels
get a hook, combine with rope
use it on the backside of helicopter to climb on
get a new rop and use it to the guard
click him and get a key to open helicopter

inside helicopter find a backpack parachute and a tape
use tape to cover the guard’s mouth

go back to the first place and jump from the rooftop

Congratulations agent, you have escaped the tower with the documents in hand
Blackriver industries will no longer get away with selling tis weapons to the highest bidders
You have done your country a great service today. make your way to the safehouse for debriefing and some well earned R&R