100 Missions Las Vegas Level 13 Solution

By | January 5, 2013

Help answer for mission 13 : the office of 100 missions las vegas level 13 solution


Agent, you are going to las vegas level 1 to track used-car-dealer down. Start searching the top-floor office, because our shady dealer was there this morning, his name is mortimer greed.

100 missions las vegas mission 13 walkthrough
get lucky strike and a staple invisible tool of sabotage and lock picking

tap the plant to zoom in and get some ordinary key from the door nearby
tap the left chair and get another key, but it seems to be from the cupboard


find a room with door and plants
use the key to open this door, it’s a computer room
press the trashcan for note with text : 101, 112, 131, 415
and get a stepladder on right

go to left with door and keypad
using the note sequence, you can get a code : 161
enter this room and pick up :
– air freshener spray
– medical gloves
– ligher
– light bulb

go to the last room
use the bulb on the desk lamp, now find :
– sticky tape
– scissors
use the key to open drawer and get a glass with fingerprints

open inventory and combine :
sticky tape + scissors
sticky tape + glass
sticky tape + gloves

go outside and use the gloves to open the door with green hand
use the spray bottle to reveal the lasers
use the staple on the right panel
place the ladder and use the lighter + cigarette to the fire alarm on top

back to the room that you open with code number
and get a fire axe

go to the room that you open with fingerprint
break the lock of fire exit door and exit

job well done ! now go down to the living floor of the hotel and search for the greeds apartment.
be careful and leave no evidence of your activity.

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