100 Missions Las Vegas Level 15 Solution

By | January 5, 2013

Cheat guide for mission 15 : hotel 905 of 100 missions las vegas level 15 solution


at last im near greeds room 905, but there is one of his man, blocking the passage
and now im hiding in the kitchen, looking for solutions how to sneak in his room and find out about his plans

100 missions las vegas mission 15 walkthrough :
get a dripping pan on left
zoom in the clock on right and tap it to get a battery, the power source
go right and zoom in the table on left, get a screw wrench
open the fridge on right to get a frozen french fries


go out and to the right room
get a paper with the password 178 and a candle on table between the bed
click on the left bed, and remove the sheets corner
open the briefcase using the password : 178 to get an inks

go to bathroom and take whiskey bottle + wax
go left to the toilet and use wrench on the red valve to get the gas control valce

back to the kitchen and put the valve to the right pipe near table
on the kitchen restore the color order of the stove :
blue – red
yellow – green

put on the pan on stove, place the fries and the whiskey bottle
now there will be a smoke, tap the vent above stove to close
use the whiskey bottle on the guard
back to the kitchen and open the vent

get a plastic card from the guard, use it to open the door
press the left painting to get a notebook
“not long ago he tore a page out of his notebook, inscription is here but i need to display it”
combine wax to notebook
“letters begin to appear, you need to pour something dark that you could read”
combine notebook with ink
“today at 21:00 meeting with miguel in swimming pool”

zoom in the telephone on the desk and put in the battery
“today well begin a first phase of the trojan horse project”

go outside and press guard’s hand to see the last room
exit !

i have to find out who miguel is and what business he has with greed.
next point is swimming pool