100 Missions Las Vegas Level 14 Solution

By | January 5, 2013

Hint answer to solve mission 14 : through the corridor of 100 missions las vegas level 14 solution


You doing well, agent, now you are in VIP apartment in west wing of hotel.
mortimers greed room is somewhere nearby, find it !

100 missions las vegas mission 14 walkthrough
zoom in the cart and get a very tiny tray and electrick tea kettle, don’t forget the door key !
look on left door and get the note
“dear miss johns the walls between our rooms are very thin, please turn off your TV at night, i can’t have enough sleep. Peter oakright 907”


open the right door using the key
go right and zoom in the plant to pick up hard metal baseball bat and door key for 908

go outside and use the key to open room 908 door
click left side of bed and get a rag

back to the other room, this time go to the bathroom
place the rag on sink hole, select the tea kettle and tap the sink
you will see code on mirror : 1573

go outside from bathroom
use the bat to open the cabinet, enter the safe code
get a note :
905 mortimer greed
906 collins couple with children
907 peter oakright (checked out yesterday)
908 cecilia johns

go to room 908 and break the right wall near TV
place the tray under the door, use the key to get another key from keyhole
pick up a door key for room 907
use it to open the door

good job, keep going greeds apartment is round the corner.
once again, try to keep it low and do not draw unnecessary attention

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