100 Missions Las Vegas Level 17 Solution

By | February 1, 2013

Help answer if you stuck on mission 17 : gambling hall of 100 missions las vegas level 17 solution


After greeds death, miguel is our only clue to the trojan horse project.
Do not let him escape with the file we needed

100 missions las vegas mission 17 walkthrough :
press the left side to go to next room
go to left door, when you can see the fountain then tap right side
the door is lock and there’s a keypad, find some numbers !
click on the table on right to see a note with code 2794
use this number to open door

get a key from table
click the table and get get a few tokens
turn on the light on slot machine
go outside and play slot machine on right
use token to start play and you will see 3 snakes
change them into bird to get gold coins

go back to the control room and turn on the light on poker room
go out from the fountain room and press right side
click on the table on poker room
get a credit card

go back to control room and turn on the light on bar room
go out from the fountain room and press left door
go left to the bar
get towel and bottle

back to the vending machine
use the gold coins into the 1st and 2nd one to get :
lighter and chocholate

go out
click the middle room
create a keycard by combining, plastic that you can get from chocolate with credit card
touch the keypanel right to the door
to enter the room you must have a weapon
combine the bottle with towel, then add the lighter
use this item to open the door

click miguel to get a secret file
go out to the bar room, left and click the door

this mission was a hard call, but you did well, agent
our intelligence is now working on the date we got from the troja nhorse file
it seems you have discoverd a small piece of major conspiracy
dismissed for now