100 Missions Las Vegas Level 16 Solution

By | January 17, 2013

Answers to pass mission 16 : swimming pool of 100 missions las vegas level 16 solution


finally i am near swimming pool
i assume, greed and miguel are duscussing their business by now, let’s take a look

100 missions las vegas mission 16 walkthrough :
open the left locker to get 3 wonderful and soft towel

click the door
door is blocked by the bar, bar must be removed by something flat ?
place all 3 towels on wet floor so you can move to the right

it’s greed and he’s dead on the swimming pool !

go right click the switch and the chair
and get a key from greeds locker from the coat
lets see what is inside

go left click the switch and table
get a flat steel tray

back to the locker and open greed locker
get a detailed plan of this hotels pool with some secret area marked on it

back to the swimming pool
go to the middle and click the door on right
get a scoop net

open the door with tray
get a typical office recordable CD on table
connect the wire on left and click on the button on table
put the cd on the PC to save the videos

go out to swimming pool
click greed and his leg, you can see a gun
use the scoop net to get the glock 18

go out to the locker
use the gun on the right locker and get a bronze key

back to the secret door in swimming pool and use the key to open the door near table

fine work at the pool, but hurry up agent !
miguel is heading to the gambling hall
do not let him escape with greeds documents on mission 17