Swift Adventure Solution

By | March 23, 2013

Play escape the room game where your mission is to get a car from parking lot, swift adventure solution will show you the step by step walkthrough how to get the right car !
From the makers of the hit logic puzzle games 100 Doors and 100 Missions, MPI Games is proud to present Swift Adventure!


here’s the story :
When you belong to the underworld of illegal street racing, you live for the rush and the adrenaline. You always have to be the one step ahead, one step ahead of your rivals, the cops, and every smart ass trying to challenge you. As long as you are one step ahead you are in the game. There is no room for mistakes, no turning back.
My whole life is at top speed. I am jerry swift, racer, mechanic and adventure junky. Today, i’m going to tell you a story about how i got myself into a cheverolet camaro ’67.
It all starts in some shady parking lot in mexico…

swift adventure walkthrough :
go to the right 2x
click on the paper board on the fence, it’s the list of all cars currently staying on this parking lot
double click the paper inside inventory to get a pair of staples, double click the staples to banded it together into an infamous lock picking tool

go inside the room
open the box with lock picking tool and get the black key
back and click right arrow
on the wall you can get the paper car list, next to the door get the missing part from advertising
go back outside and put the paper to complete the advertising
“esteban’s workshop tel. +52-744-33-17-68”

go back inside to the office and click on the paper with date
get the key on table
click the monitor and press the middle bottom screen to make it black
press the phone 52744331768

go out and open the door on the left
click the table and below the paper you’ll find a plastic key

use the key to open door and get a screwdriver
go inside another room
press the green button on wall to open the door
click the tires on the corner and use it on the car

go out to the parking lot and click 2x to the right
click the red car and use the screwdriver to unscrew the license plate

back to the black car and put the screwdriver
open the car’s door with key !

And that’s how it all went down, god’s truth. Another day ends well, another race in my pocket, an american classic added to my collection. Hope you enjoyed my story, and we’ll meet again soon.