100 Missions Tower Heist Level 4 Solution

By | December 3, 2012

Answers for mission 4: the safe of 100 missions tower heist level 4 solution


Well done agent, you have made your way up the tower without comprimising the mission. The safe room is ahead and it is bound to be well guarded. Eliminate any resistance and gain access to the contents of the safe.
We will speak again once the evidence has been secured. good luck !

100 missions tower heist mission 4 walkthrough :
click the ladder for red pliers, if you click the ceiling it’s locked.. so find a key !
open the box near table to find screwdriver and shoulder stock for hand drill
press table and get 4 items : handle for hand drill, glass bottle containing poison, key and long drill that can attached to hand drill
press the air conditioner and open with screwdriver, get the gear
click the corner on left side and get main body of hand drill
combine hand drill with shoulder stock and handle then add gear

go to left for next room
use the key to open first aid box and get stethoscope and needle
combine needle + bottle for poison then use it on security
click the guard for glasses and gum
use pliers on glasses then add the gum to combine
press the white door on right and get the crank

add the crank on hand drill then the long drill too
tap the safe and put stethoscope on right and drill left to the dial to make hole
put in the glasses to the hole to see 2 cogs
It tricky on the safe. Just turn it slowly to right left right left until you hear click sound on each direction

enter the safe, press the table on right then take the key
hint : 58
go to the locker for number 58 and use drill on the keyhole and add screwdriver to open
take a classified document clipboard
go to the ladder on 1st room and use the key to go out

Agent,we are highly impressed with your performance. Secure the documents and be ready, it is time to make your escape