100 Missions Tower Heist Level 3 Solution

By | November 22, 2012

Answers for mission 3: the search of 100 missions tower heist level 3 solution


That was a close call agent ! after leaving the elevator lift you were spotted by tower security.
You managed to escape them, but you are no longer able to access the safe room from this floor.
Find a new way to infiltrate the afe room and hurry before security closes in !

100 missions tower heist mission 3 walkthrough :
get a roll of transparent tape on the table
look inside bathroom and plug in the cord of the black heater
get the pliers near sink and find the code number by pressing the faucet
back to the table to open the box with code : 4728
and take the butterfly knife

go to the bed and select the butterfly knife to cut the bed open
select pliers to cut the spring
look on the aquarium and open the top
select spring to get the gold key

back to the bathroom and look on the right side of the table
there’s another box that you can unlock using the gold key
get a beauty kit

go outside and find a table with window
there’s a cup that you can use beauty kit to get a fingerprint !
select the transparent tape to get fingerprint to your inventory

click the rugs to find a screwdriver that you can get using spring
also get the black table, you will need it later
use the fingerprint to open the door

put the table under the ventilation, and unscrew the vent cover using screwdriver
click to exit

You have come through again agent, well done. The safe room lies just ahead.
Find whatever evidence you can against blackriver industries, then plan your escape