100 Missions Level 1 Solution

By | October 2, 2012

New recruit : data retrieval ! Help guide for 100 Missions Level 1 Solution :


Your mission for the first stage is to infiltrate the enemy hideout and steal back the documents which are being stashed there. Stealth is key, do not leave a mess !


100 missions mission 1 walkthrough :
pick up a screwdriver from white table (near white door)
go to the room with door, click the power box on left side

on the power box :
using the screwdriver, unscrew 2 screws on the left
change the colors on the right side by pressing them
from top to bottom : blue yellow green red

back to the door and click the switch on the right side
the light now is on 🙂

click on the coat, right to the door
get a hammer at the toolbox and a piece of paper with code from middle jacket
from the same screen, go left and down to get a shoe lace from one shoe

go back and right, tap the wall near the chess table and use the hammer break the wall.
take the voice record from the skeleton’s hand

go back and 2 times to the right
enter the bathroom there by clicking the white door
on the first screen, pick up a piece of paper from the trash can near the sink
tap the sink and get a small key

go back and left, use the small key to open the box on the wall
there’s a pipe to collect from one end to another


after completing the water pipes puzzle, tap the red valve in the upper left corner
you’ll hear a sound
go back to the toilet, you will find a key from it

exit the bathroom and go to the TV area
click the shelves under the TV and use the key to open the top left drawer
get a blank piece of paper
open the bottom right shelf and get batteries and paper clip

go back to the right and tap the drinks bar
use the hammer to break the piggy bank and tak the coin

go back to the bathroom and tap the sink
open your inventory and drag the paper clip to the shoe lace to make a hook (item combination)
use it to get a small gold plated key from the drain

go out from the bathroom and look at the drawer near it
use the small key to open the top drawer, take the ultraviolet lamp
in your inventory drag the batteries to the ultraviolet lamp

go to the door and turn off the lights
go back to the pool table and click the ruined painting
use the ultraviolet lamp to reveal the code : ><><<>
which means : right left right left left right


turn back the lights on, and go to the pool table
in your inventory, drag the hammer to the icon, you’ll have a flat coin
use the flat coin on the coin hatch of the pool table (lower right part)
you’ll get a message that something moved if you do correctly

go back and zoom in on the safe where the painting was
use the code from the uv lamp to open the safe :
right left right left left right
get the cassette, flash disk, and magnetic card from the safe

go to the computer and place the flash drive inside
use the code from the paper with shapes and puzzle that you got from trash
the code is 4519

go to the printer and use the blank piece of paper to reveal code for the morse code dot
drag the cassette to the player and listen to it
if you know the morse code, that you have the answer ! it’s 5714

go to the entrance room and use the magnetic card on the lock
use the code : 5714 to open the door !