Smart Riddles Level 51 – 60 Answers

By | July 14, 2015

Walkthrough of Smart Riddles Level 51 – 60 Answers – can you guess what am i from the riddle question with random letters to choose for the words ? reveal the correct letters using hints or clue below ! the riddles can be general question so don’t think too hard to find the answer.
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Smart Riddles Level 51 :
Where jewelery pierces your head.
Answer: Lobe

Smart Riddles Level 52 :
If you blow past your destination, you’ll have to throw your car into this.
Answer: Reverse

Smart Riddles Level 53 :
You can do this with your friends. You can do this with your nose. But don’t do it with your friend’s nose!
Answer: Pick

Smart Riddles Level 54 :
Each of these ends in a kettle full of precious metal and the double variety is quite awesome.
Answer: Rainbow

Smart Riddles Level 55 :
These help engines spin and trousers stay up.
Answer: Belt

Smart Riddles Level 56 :
A twiggy home.
Answer: Nest

Smart Riddles Level 57 :
Very helpful if you intend to go gently down a river.
Answer: Rowboat

Smart Riddles Level 58 :
A shower that lights up the sky.
Answer: Meteor

Smart Riddles Level 59 :
This is needed both for courage and hard-cover books.
Answer: Spine

Smart Riddles Level 60 :
A defendant will go free if a reasonable amount of this exists.
Answer: Doubt

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