Smart Riddles Level 71 – 80 Answers

By | July 21, 2015

Solutions of Smart Riddles Level 71 – 80 Answers – can you guess what am i from the riddle question with random letters to choose for the words ? reveal the correct letters using hints or clue below ! the riddles can be general question so don’t think too hard to find the answer.
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Smart Riddles Level 71 :
These nutrients are vital to your health.
Answer: Vitamin

Smart Riddles Level 72 :
Greedy grumpy holiday hater.
Answer: Scrooge

Smart Riddles Level 73 :
Everyone claims to know a way to stop these involuntary contractions. None of them works.
Answer: Hiccup

Smart Riddles Level 74 :
According to the ads,this is the favorite beverage of friendly polar bears.
Answer: Coke

Smart Riddles Level 75 :
Flavors range from strawberry to toe.
Answer: Jam

Smart Riddles Level 76 :
One of the best things you can hope for after whacking a ball with a stick.
Answer: Homerun

Smart Riddles Level 77 :
This patch of land stands alone.
Answer: Island

Smart Riddles Level 78 :
Securing your documents is easy with these trusty metal objects.
Answer: Staples

Smart Riddles Level 79 :
These sucks.
Answer: Vacuum

Smart Riddles Level 80 :
If you’re on a diet, smelling a fresh pan of brownies could be described at this.
Answer: Torture

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