Smart Riddles Level 61 – 70 Answers

By | July 14, 2015

Walkthrough of Smart Riddles Level 61 – 70 Answers – can you guess what am i from the riddle question with random letters to choose for the words ? reveal the correct letters using hints or clue below ! the riddles can be general question so don’t think too hard to find the answer.
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Smart Riddles Level 61 :
Godzilla calls this place home.
Answer: Japan

Smart Riddles Level 62 :
This would be a good place to find Can-Can girls and drunk Cowboys.
Answer: Saloon

Smart Riddles Level 63 :
Known for tuxedo and marching.
Answer: Penguin

Smart Riddles Level 64 :
Dark, feathery, and popular in Baltimore and fantasy books.
Answer: Ravens

Smart Riddles Level 65 :
They bring oxygen into blood.
Answer: Lungs

Smart Riddles Level 66 :
Boxes marked as this should not be abused.
Answer: Fragile

Smart Riddles Level 67 :
This creature travels in a gaggle.
Answer: Goose

Smart Riddles Level 68 :
Flavors your food and divides the year up.
Answer: Season

Smart Riddles Level 69 :
Can be heard in court or used to carry briefs.
Answer: Case

Smart Riddles Level 70 :
Has a strong attraction to belly buttons.
Answer: Lint

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