Smart Riddles Level 41 – 50 Answers

By | July 14, 2015

Guide of Smart Riddles Level 41 – 50 Answers – can you guess what am i from the riddle question with random letters to choose for the words ? reveal the correct letters using hints or clue below ! the riddles can be general question so don’t think too hard to find the answer.
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Smart Riddles Level 41 :
Nature’s way of applauding a lightning strike.
Answer: Thunder

Smart Riddles Level 42 :
There are four of these, but everyone’s favourite seems to be spades.
Answer: Ace

Smart Riddles Level 43 :
Lives in winter, dies in summer and grows with its root upwards.
Answer: Icicle

Smart Riddles Level 44 :
Pan’s nemesis.
Answer: Hook

Smart Riddles Level 45 :
A tasty reward given to well behaved dogs and kids.
Answer: Treat

Smart Riddles Level 46 :
These animals hang out in the mist.
Answer: Gorilla

Smart Riddles Level 47 :
The signature stroll of ducks and penguins.
Answer: Waddle

Smart Riddles Level 48 :
Brings you May flowers.
Answer: Showers

Smart Riddles Level 49 :
Consuming food would be pretty tough without these chompers.
Answer: Teeth

Smart Riddles Level 50 :
Surname of the pilot of the Millennium Falcon.
Answer: Solo

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