Smart Riddles Level 21 – 30 Answers

By | July 14, 2015

Cheats of Smart Riddles Level 21 – 30 Answers – can you guess what am i from the riddle question with random letters to choose for the words ? reveal the correct letters using hints or clue below ! the riddles can be general question so don’t think too hard to find the answer.
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Smart Riddles Level 21 :
Owned by Old McDonald.
Answer: Farm

Smart Riddles Level 22 :
If a dog were filling out a resume, he might list his mastery of this game under skills
Answer: Fetch

Smart Riddles Level 23 :
Sleep-inducing melody.
Answer: Lullaby

Smart Riddles Level 24 :
This guy crossed a road and everyone wants an explanation.
Answer: Chicken

Smart Riddles Level 25 :
A storage facility for criminals and fire-breathing reptiles.
Answer: Dungeon

Smart Riddles Level 26 :
Cute hares that hop and deliver eggs at Easter are called b this nickname.
Answer: Bunny

Smart Riddles Level 27 :
What is it the more you take away the larger it becomes?
Answer: Hole

Smart Riddles Level 28 :
Poorly behaved children often find themselves sitting in these.
Answer: Corners

Smart Riddles Level 29 :
Teenage girls are pros at causing this.
Answer: Drama

Smart Riddles Level 30 :
It has a face and two hands but no arms or legs.
Answer: Clock

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