Sling Kong 20 Hidden Easter Eggs Location

By | March 27, 2016

Sling Kong 20 Hidden Easter Eggs Locations – It’s time for Egg Hunt in sling kong ! Someone has hidden chocolate eggs all over the game. Collect them all to find out who the rare character !
the rare kong is white easter bunny ! after you find all 20 easter eggs all over the game then you will unlocked a new kong.


here’s a video guide where to find all 20 hidden egg location :

i’m sure some of you will stuck on 19 eggs and wonder where the last egg ? well we have listed all the easter eggs to make you easier 🙂

3 eggs from main menu :
1. letter ‘i’ from sling kong
2. above setting
3. between + and character menu button

when play :
4. pause the game
when you die :
5. under the photo
6. next lucky sling
7. bottom right continue button

setting button :
8. news
9 & 10. about protostar
11. behind music button
12. language
13. bottom left under back button

character menu :
14. take a photo

lucky sling :
15. left to the prizes
16. right to play button
17. play the lucky sling, there’s 1 on top right
after you get the prize :
18. right to continue button
19. bottom right behind continue button (you need to be quick)

+ button to add coins
20. right to the 3rd & 4th coins