River Crossing IQ Solutions

By | March 18, 2016

River Crossing IQ Solutions – Your ultimate brain challenge puzzle game ! use logic to solve some troll question on each level ! Use our optimal answer cheat to see how to solve the puzzle logic game for every stage 🙂 Please help the man in the boat to move the wolf, the sheep and the cabbage across the river. Each move attaches to only one animal or object, notice that : wolves eat sheep, sheep eat cabbage when no man around
River Crossing IQ – iMostMobile Tech,.JSC – Gamemost Windows Phone, iOS, Android


Help the man in the boat move wolf, sheep and cabbage across the river
rules :
you can only move 1 animal or object back and forward on the boat
when the man is not nearby, the wolf will eat the sheep and the sheep will eat the cabbage
use let’s go button to move the boat

to solve the logic 1 you need to find out which object that don’t hit each other : wolf + cabbage, so here’s the solution :
1. move the sheep across
2. move the wolf across and bring the sheep back to 1st island
3. move the cabbage across
4. move the sheep across