M-Box 2 Stage 5 Solution

By | June 6, 2017

Walkthrough for M-Box 2 Stage 5 Solution and Cheats to solve the puzzle and codes to reveal button and progress to the next level of the box ! Every protection layer of the Mechanical Box 2 is supplied with the BGB – Big Green Button design for moving to the next level
MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever on android and iphone


Mechanical Box 2 Stage 5 Solution :

M-BOX 2 Level 5 Walkthrough
use 4 buttons to make all the pointer facing up
spell BIOS password in numbers : 8105

enter 1 to reveal floppy drive slot
enter 2 twice for turbo mode to make the pointer drop
tap the right clock until you get a floppy disk and move it to the left floppy disk slot

solve these code password using caesar cipher from caesar-1 clue :
0J0F – AFSP – GJWF –
UXP – 0J0F – AFSP –
GJWF – UXP – 0J0F –

the answer is 9052
enter the password and proceed to MechBox 2 stage 6

If you try to solve a puzzle and eventually find yourself in a dead end, don’t give up! The MechBox has a built-in hint system. But remember, MechBox isn’t a game for casual players but rather an armored metalware bristling with security systems. And a hint is just a hint, not a ready-made !
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