M-Box 2 Stage 12 Solution

By | October 20, 2017

Walkthrough for M-Box 2 Stage 12 Solution and Cheats to solve the puzzle and codes to reveal button and progress to the next level of the box ! Every protection layer of the Mechanical Box 2 is supplied with the BGB – Big Green Button design for moving to the next level
MechBox 2: Hardest Puzzle Ever on android and iphone


Mechanical Box 2 Stage 12 Solution :

M-BOX 2 Level 12 Walkthrough
find symbol picture that match from all 24 buttons

there will be 4 elements when you finish, use alchemy combination to get new elements :
earth + water = swamp
earth + fire = lava
water + fire = alcohol
laval + water = stone
stone + air = sand
fire + sand = glass
stone + fire = metal
fire + alcohol = energy
energy + swamp = life
life + sand = seeds
earth + seeds = tree
metal + energy = electricity
electricity + glass = light bulb
stone + life = egg
egg + swamp = lizard
lizard + earth = animal
life + animal = human
electricity + light bulb = light
human + light = eye
eye + glass = lens

you need to boil the water on right flask
get tree then fire elements to place it on the fireplace
the water will rise and get the plug up
get light bulb element and put it on right side
get lens element and place it on plug
tap the keypad crack on bottom left to drag it on middle
it will reflect the light from light bulb – lens – crack to open green button
tap the green button and proceed to MechBox 2 stage 13

If you try to solve a puzzle and eventually find yourself in a dead end, don’t give up! The MechBox has a built-in hint system. But remember, MechBox isn’t a game for casual players but rather an armored metalware bristling with security systems. And a hint is just a hint, not a ready-made !
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