Troll Face Quest Video Memes Find 10 Ducks Locations Guide

By | December 17, 2015

Walkthrough of Troll Face Quest Video Memes Find 10 Ducks Locations Guide so you can open level 41 – step by step guide where to find the hidden duck on some stage puzzle niveau ! unlock 1 more nivel, 10 ducks for secret level 41 !
прохождение Troll Face Quest Unlucky by Spil Games on android and ios iphone


troll face quest video memes 10 ducks walkthrough
1st duck : level 4 behind left tv
2nd duck : level 9 behind the left hand statue
3rd duck : level 10 behind right cactus
4th duck : level 13 behind the left toy
5th duck : level 15 on right trash can
6th duck : level 16 behind right ear
7th duck : level 23 behind the guy
8th duck : level 25 behind the pewdiepie guy
9th duck : level 30 valve on right
10th duck : level 37 tap the guy 3x until the background change into beach

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