That Level Again 3 A LITTLE BIT FURTHER Solution

By | June 14, 2016

That Level Again 3 A LITTLE BIT FURTHER solution – walkthrough how to solve the TLA 3 puzzle door level so you can escape to move forward for the story ! read every stage messages clue and find out how to pass each door with your logic or think out of the box 🙂


cheat of A LITTLE BIT FURTHER TLA 3 walkthrough video cheats guide :

that level again 3 solution :
you can see a crack on top right wall
drag the key and hit the crack until it’s gone and fly the key to the right
you will see a button, but there’s another button on the right
drop the key on the 2nd button and you will have a hole on top

A small logic game that you can solve with logic puzzles and pass levels! A lot of logic brain teasers with interesting solutions, read the messages and use your brains and have fun! That Level Again 3 game app by Nurkhametov Tagir ios iphone, ipad device or IamTagir on android devices