River Crossing IQ Logic 5 Solution

By | June 21, 2016

Answers for River Crossing IQ Logic 5 Solution – Please help the frogs to cross to the other side of river. Notice each frog can move forward only. A frog can advance by one step if the space in front of it is free. A frog can jump over another frogs. Your ultimate brain challenge puzzle game ! use logic to solve some troll question on each level ! Use our optimal answer cheat to see how to solve the puzzle logic game for every stage 🙂
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river crossing level 5 walkthrough
There are 6 frogs and 7 pillars, swap these 6 frogs into 2 groups of 3
frogs can not jump back
the longest distance they can jump is 2 pillars

here’s the answer how to solve river crossing iq logic 5 :
let’s name the frog first :
left = l1 l2 l3
right = r1 r2 r3
so here’s the original position of the frogs : l1 l2 l3 _ r3 r2 r1
now jump the frog in these order :
r3 :
position = l1 l2 l3 r3 _ r2 r1

l3, l2 :
position = l1 _ l2 r3 l3 r2 r1

r3, r2, r1 :
position = l1 r3 l2 r2 l3 r1 _

l3, l2, l1 :
position = _ r3 l1 r2 l2 r1 l3

r3, r2, r1 :
position = r3 r2 l1 r1 l2 _ l3

l2, l1 :
position = r3 r2 _ r1 l1 l2 l3

r1 :
position = r3 r2 r1 _ l1 l2 l3