River Crossing IQ Logic 3 Solution

By | June 20, 2016

Answers for River Crossing IQ Logic 3 Solution – Please help this family to across the river by boat, the boat carry only 2 person at once. Each person across the river at a different speed : 1 second, 3 seconds, 6 seconds, 8 seconds and 12 seconds. If two person on a boat, the boat will go with the slower person. In 30 sec please bring this family across the river. Your ultimate brain challenge puzzle game ! use logic to solve some troll question on each level ! Use our optimal answer cheat to see how to solve the puzzle logic game for every stage 🙂
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Help a family of 5 people to move across the river by the boat, and the boat is capable of a maximum of 2 people carrying capacity.
Rules :
Time for travelling of each person in turn is 1s, 3s, 6s, 8s, and 12s
IF 2 people both go on the boat, the boat will travel at the speed of the slower person
In 30s you need to bring the whole family across the river

here’s the answer how to solve river crossing iq logic 3 :
move 1, 3 – 1 go back
move 8, 12 – 3 go back
move 1, 6 – 1 go back
move 1, 3