Letterpad Answers

By | April 21, 2015

Solutions for Letterpad Answers Game by NimbleBit LLC. on your iphone You will find 3×3 letter blocks that will give you 9 letters. You need to fill blank dots by tapping the correct letters into words and submit it, find the hidden words relating to the puzzle question !
A fresh and stylish word puzzle game coming early 2015 for ios & apple watch from NimbleBit developer


Letterpad – Free Word Puzzles Cheats :
Level 1 : LIGHTHOUSE = beam, light, emit, gale, lit, gleam
Level 2 : FAST FOOD = fast, fries, fat, soda, fried, roasted, side, diet, eat, ate
Level 3 : PICNIC = food, ants, date, sand, sat, eat
Level 4 : CASTLE = stone, old, moat, damsel, masoned, mead, meats, mold, slate, ale
Level 5 : CITY = street, cars, streetcar, terrace, career, rats, erect, arts
Level 6 : OCEAN = fish, coral, sailor, orca, roil, sail, shoal
Level 7 : BEACH = sand, waves, wind, views, wade, dive, sea, isle, seal, sail, island
Level 8 : FOREST = tree, fern, green, pine, fire, fir
Level 9 : COOKING = cook, flour, food, cool, curd, duck, fold, fork
Level 10 : MOVIES = romance, scream, actor, star, cam, act, monster, cameo, cast, censor, costar, oscar, rate, snore, arts, seat, can, set, score

Level 11 : HOUSE = yard, room, bedroom, dayroom, abode, adobe, board, door, dream, roomy, beam, bed
Level 12 : SPORTS = argue, brag, gear, grab, race, run, car, ace, fan, fun, ref, bag, bar
Level 13 : GAMES = play, dice, card, player, replay, race
Level 14 : RAINFOREST = vine, mist, ant, ape, native, nest, peat, vast, sap
Level 15 : FLYING = air, plane, aileron, plan, aisle, soar, spin, nap, nose, noise
Level 16 : FARM = barn, pig, hay, grain
Level 17 : SCHOOL = tutor, read, test, seat, date, start, art, dues, trade, state
Level 18 : VACATION = hotel, towel, tour, shower, hostel, house, show, route, shore, short
Level 19 : PARTY = music, dance, ice, names, dim, mic, am
Level 20 : ZOO = lion, sealion, bear, albino, learn, line, boar, bison, born, bars, boa, seal, raise

Work your way through over 200 puzzles to find all words from different puzzle question !