Crossword Quiz Movies Level 2 Answers

By | April 24, 2016

Crossword Quiz Movies Level 2 Answers for all movies category solutions, solve the crossword unique puzzle that based on 3 types of clues : word descriptions riddle, emoji combinations, and photos pics ! complete more stage by finishing the previous level, if you stuck on some of the number and don’t have any coins to purchase hints.. then no need to look any further, because we’ve listed all the game answer including question and description so you can easily match with your square tiles.
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Crossword Quiz Movies Level 2 Answers
1 DOWN : The life story of the founder of Apple played by Ashton Kutcher = JOBS
2 DOWN : emoji train + car = TRAINWRECK
2 ACROSS : emoji bear + heart + beers = TED
3 DOWN : A violent futuristic city where cops act as judge jury & executioner = DREDD
4 ACROSS : Musical about New Yorkers struggling with life love & AIDS = RENT
5 DOWN : A programmer transported inside his own computer = TRON
6 ACROSS : emoji bride + woman + right arrow + bear = BRAVE
7 ACROSS : emoji 4 tongue mouth = JAWS
8 DOWN : An orphan boy finds a way to the fantastical world of Neverland = PAN
9 ACROSS : Boy breaks 3 rules with his new pet & unleashes a horde of monsters = GREMLINS
10 DOWN : emoji smile + box in + speakerk = LOL
11 DOWN : emoji detective + magnifying glass = SPY
12 ACROSS : The story of the conspiracy surrounding the assassination of a president = JFK
13 ACROSS : Woman gains abilities after unlocking greater use of her brain = LUCY

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