CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2 Puzzle 1 Answers

By | March 22, 2017

Game Solution for CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2 Puzzle 1 Answers – a new crossword game Cody Cross with objective to complete the puzzle crossword on each level stage by finding all the answers and get the secret word ! complete hundreds of levels, explore themed worlds, share your journey with friends and travel through earth and beyond !
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CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2 Puzzle 1 Answers
Loans for those with bad credit : Subprime
Next in line after tenth : Eleventh
Exceptionally rare type of trumpet : Firebird
Santa’s flying four-legged helper : Reindeer
Intimate women’s apparel; lace, silk or satin : Lingerie
Person who creates or sells artificial hair cover : Wigmaker
Liquid put on salads or other foods : Dressing
Abbot and __, American comedy duo : Costello
“Not the __ tool in the shed” : Sharpest
Tree whose name means “fig mulberry” in Greek : Sycamore
Item used to cool the engine in a car : Radiator
Involves general ideas, it’s not concrete : Abstract

Secret Word Cheat : Bering Strait

Can you help Cody through his adventure around the world ? Use your knowledge and skills in a one-of-a-kind word game, where every correct answer takes you closer to completing the puzzle and revealing the secret word!