100 Doors The Lost Rooms Level 16 17 18 19 20 Solution

By | December 15, 2015

Game Cheat for 100 Doors The Lost Rooms Level 16 17 18 19 20 Solution to find items and codes so you can solve the puzzle of your way out to the elevator door ! play through these various location from underwater base, space station, mage tower, skyscraper, time plant, pirate ship, castle, laboratory, hunter’s house and find the artefact part !
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100 doors the lost rooms level 16 walkthrough
shake your phone and get 2 stick on floor + matches on top the oven
open oven door and insert all 2 wood stick inside then lit a fire

100 doors the lost rooms level 17 walkthrough
change the arrow direction like clock time :
17 = down right
15 = right
12 = top
8 = down left

100 doors the lost rooms level 18 walkthrough
get welding torch on right and hammer on left
use welding torch on the box, then use hammer
obtain dynamites and wire inside
move the box to right and get the lever

combine lever + wire then put it on floor
place dynamite on left side of the door
tap the lever so door open

100 doors the lost rooms level 19 walkthrough
get the artefact gear on left side
tap the lever and make the gold stop on the marked spot

100 doors the lost rooms level 20 walkthrough
find artefact molecule part on right side
open drawer and get paper + cd inside
use cd on left computer then put paper on the right printer
tap paper to reveal code : 359
enter the password to keypad so door open

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