100 Doors Full Level 51 52 53 54 55 Solution

By | December 1, 2015

Game Answer of 100 Doors Full Level 51 52 53 54 55 Solution to find the missing professor in 100 doors of virtual world, where you must solve every puzzle logic challenge code on each door of 100 room and conquer the virtual world in order to save the professor !
100 Doors Full puzzle escape game by ZENFOX on android and ios (iphone, ipad, ipod)


100 doors full room 51 walkthrough
read the clue above door from right to left :
1st 2nd, red
2nd 3rd 1st, red
1st 2nd 3rd, red, left arrow button

100 doors full room 52 walkthrough
click on the object following the color of :
red green yellow brown white
fire, banana, banana, coconut, coconut

100 doors full room 53 walkthrough
follow the wind direction to get flag into :
left = left right left right left
right = left right left right right

100 doors full room 54 walkthrough
connect the color spikes from top to bottom on left and right side seperately

100 doors full room 55 walkthrough
using FEAR clue, tap on the animal that have fear on :
Elephant Mouse Cat Dog Snake Bird

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