River Crossing IQ Logic 12 Solution

By | June 21, 2016

Answers for River Crossing IQ Logic 12 Solution – Please help mother and 5 children move to other side of the river, knowing that the boat can carry maximum 3 people. Only mother can drive the boat. When mother is not nearby there, the other children less than 1 year old will fight. Your ultimate brain challenge puzzle game ! use logic to solve some troll question on each level ! Use our optimal answer cheat to see how to solve the puzzle logic game for every stage 🙂
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river crossing level 12 walkthrough
Take a mother and 5 sons across the river
6T 7T T 9T 10T
Rules :
the boat can carry up to 3 people
only the mother can sail
when the mother is absent, a 1 year old or younger kids will fight the other

here’s the answer how to solve river crossing iq logic 12 :
7T + 9T cross the river
8T + 10T cross the river – 7T + 9T go back
6T cross the river
7T + 9T cross the river