94 Percent It Rolls Solution

94% game answers : 94 Percent It Rolls Solution – what is the word for 94% it rolls question ? Get all missing stars with this guide, there are also 2 other questions for Parts of a house and Picture Girl in Sauna. 94 Percent game app developed by Scimob for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 94% It… Read More »

Letterpad Answers

Solutions for Letterpad Answers Game by NimbleBit LLC. on your iphone You will find 3×3 letter blocks that will give you 9 letters. You need to fill blank dots by tapping the correct letters into words and submit it, find the hidden words relating to the puzzle question ! A fresh and stylish word puzzle game coming early… Read More »

Rebus Absurd Logic Game Answers

Solution of Rebus Absurd Logic Game Answers to find a word puzzle from picture, if you love the rebus challenge then play this app where you will have a combination of image graphics that will fool you to think a puzzle easy to solve, but sometimes it is not.. but don’t get frustrated because we have the complete… Read More »

Swift Adventure Solution

Play escape the room game where your mission is to get a car from parking lot, swift adventure solution will show you the step by step walkthrough how to get the right car ! From the makers of the hit logic puzzle games 100 Doors and 100 Missions, MPI Games is proud to present Swift Adventure! here’s the… Read More »

100 Missions Las Vegas Level 17 Solution

Help answer if you stuck on mission 17 : gambling hall of 100 missions las vegas level 17 solution After greeds death, miguel is our only clue to the trojan horse project. Do not let him escape with the file we needed 100 missions las vegas mission 17 walkthrough : press the left side to go to next… Read More »