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100 Missions Level 7 Solution

Agent Rescue : The Escape ! After you rescue the agent now get ready for escape ! Help answer for 100 missions level 7 solution
Find a way off the vessel and make your escape. Agent,this is it! We knew we made the right choice in sending you. Our operative is free, but you are still in danger ! find a way off the vessel and make your escape.

100 missions mission 7 walkthrough :
find a diving fins on top right corner near blocks + blue barrel


find your girl and click her for some hint : 3 numbers : 714
back to left and zoom the locker
enter 9714 on the lock and get a red fire extinguisher

find a room with fire, use fire extinguisher on it


move forward to the locker where you will find another code : 1,8,70,627
the answer for the locker is 5639

here’s the explanation why
find a pattern from the numbers :
1 * 9 – 1 = 8
8 * 9 – 2 = 70
70 * 9 – 3 = 627
627 * 9 – 4 = 5639

open the locker and get a set of oxygen tanks, old style silver key and a sheet of paper code
back to the first locker, this time go to the middle where you can find a bag on a box
use silver key to open it and get a heavy steel hammer

back to the locker that you just open, and smash the door with hammer
so you can keep the door

go to the stairs and put the door on the stairs
now you can climb up


use the hammer on the left crate box and get a steel chain
get a set of diving googles on box
and click on the right hand rail (T position) to get a dark metal key

back to the girl, zoom in the fence
use the key to open it
put the chain on the hook
click the right panel on wall


using the paper code, put these color on in:
1st row : – yellow red yellow
2nd row : red – yellow –
3rd row : yellow blue – blue
4th row : blue – blue red
5th row : – red – –
– = don’t change


you’ll have a hint on the floor : arrow up down up
go to the stairs
this time look under stairs
change the second lever column to down (both)
you will hear a splash

back to the fence, and click the water !

Congratulations, you have escaped the vessel unharmed and rescued our operative from the enemy.
You have done a great service for your country. See you at debriefing agent !

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100 Missions Level 6 Solution

Agent Rescue : The Rescue ! Help guide for 100 missions level 6 solution

Find or create a weapon to take out the abductor
Agent, your mission target is in range. This is it ! Find or create a weapon to take out the abductor, then rescue our operative and bring her home !

100 missions mission 6 walkthrough :
go to the right door room where you can see a bed
look on the speaker and take a metal rod above it

go outside and into the front room (kitchen)
take 4 items :
– vodca
– plastic with chemicals
– oil container
– metal pan

combine oil + vodca + chemicals into the metal pan
and put into the microwave

go outside, use the metal rod to lock the guards
click the right room where the guards used to be there
there’s water in this room
click the pipe for red wheel
zoom in fire extinguisher and break the glass with red wheel
you’ll get the extinguisher !

go out to back side where you can find a single guard
use the extinguisher to kill the guard ! pretty bloody 😛
take the gun and key from the guard
then put the red wheel on the pipe and press it
you’ll hear a sound

go back to room with water, the water is gone now
click the red color on the bottom right, it’s a screw driver

go back to room with bed
use the screwdriver to the left speaker and get a circular magnet
click the bed on the right to find a knife
combine the magnet to the knife, so it attached to a circular magnet
go to the left room
use the key to open the drawer and get the bullets

back to room with water and look on the middle floor
zoom in and unscrew the screws
use the knife to get an empty clip
combine it to the bullets
next combine to the gun

go back to the single guard that you killed before
go to left, using your gun.. open the door !
and done with mission 6 🙂

Brilliant work agent ! you have rescued the hostage and eliminated the captor. Now is the time to make your escape, good luck !

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100 Missions Level 5 Solution

Agent Rescue : Wheelhouse Infiltration ! Walkthrough for 100 missions level 5 solution

find way through the wheel house and recue our operative.
Agent, you have tracked down our missing operative to the ship wheelhouse. Our intel shows that she is being held in a nearby room. There is only one exit, find your way through the wheel house and rescue our operative before it is too late !

if you want to skip this level just use this code : 6891 😛 read the help detail below how to pass this level

100 missions mission 5 walkthrough :
click the briefcase on the table (right side)
a mini puzzle, you must make the number in order from the top right : 1 – 15
it’s the key to open !
you can get a map, plastic sealed image and key

look on the room with wheel and click the left desk
pick up the blue pencil
look at the backside of this desk (click under wheel on bottom left)
you can get the extension cord

go to room with clock
click the bottom left side of clock’s pillar and get instrument for measuring angles
there’s a white shelf, zoom in pick up D shaped ruler
press the captain hat to move it and get a new key

go to room with globe, use the key to open the closet on the right side
you can pick up microphone, black logbook and L shaped ruler

now click on the globe on left side to zoom in
and use the special key to open it
get another plastic sealed image
combine 2 plastic sealed images to get a number : 4756

go to the room with clock again, this time click the ship picture
use the number code to open safe
get old style sea compass and gold pocket watch

back to the table with globe, now put these items in order :
D shaped ruler
Instrument for measuring angles
L shaped ruler
Blue pencil
Old style sea compass

you’ll hear a sound, check out in your inventory there’s a crumpled piece of paper with coordinates : 41 46, 50 14

from the room with clock there’s a picture of charles fryatt
back to the room with wheel and click the right desk
input the code : 1872 (DOB of charles fryatt)
check the drawers underneath this desk
now you can open the second drawer, take the headset and microphone stand

go back to the door, look at the bottom left pillar
use the extension cord to the outlet, so you can connect the cords

zoom out and click the machine one the middle
combine the microphone and the stand then put it to small hole on the right
now put the headset to the white radio on the machine
enter the code from coordinate : 41465014
you’ll get a new a new code on the monitor : 6891

use this code to exit on the door !

Well done agent, the door code has been cracked and you may now continue on with your mission. You must move quickly, our operative is still in danger !

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100 Missions Level 4 Solution

Agent Rescue : Guard Takedown ! Answer for 100 missions level 4 solution

Continue helping agent in mission 4 you need to eliminate the enemy guards and avoid detection !
Agent, you have made it on to the enemy vessel, but our undercover operative is still in danger ! after taking out the enemy guards, continue to track down the kidnapper and find the location she is being held. Hurry agent, time is running out !

100 missions mission 4 walkthrough :
pick up the anchor on the left side of guard
go to pile of pipes area and pick up 1 pipe
go to barrels area and pick up a wrench on white barrel and the left barrel of chemicals

back to the guard and use the pipe to hit him down
pick matches from his pocket

click the stairs forward and take the chains
back and click the yellow green machine

open the panel and use the chains to jam the gears
take off the left gear and use wrench to unscrew and get the screws

take the ladder on the left
go back to where you can see the guard down
use the ladder on the green storage and climb up
take a bucket and crowbar

now find the stairs with crates blocking the way
get the last crate and a newspaper from the first crate

go back and near the stairs there’s a rusted brown block on the right
click it to zoom and put the gear in the missing spot

put the screws into it and use crowbar to pull wooden lever on the right

go to the submarine and get the black net
go to the left, where you can see white door and some button on the left side
now put the black net on the floor below the hook

zoom in the net and put heavy items from your inventory : anchor, barrel, crate
click the Up button on left

combine the bucket with newspaper
put the bucket where the net was
use the matches to light up the newspaper

go back, and you will see the guards looking at the bucket
back to the button, now press the red emergency release button
the net will fall on the guards

go into the white door ! you’re done with mission 4

Well done agent, you were able to neutralize the guards and gain access to the wheel house. Find our operative and bring her home !

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100 Missions Level 3 Solution

Agent Rescue : Dock Assault ! Guide for 100 missions level 3 solution

this time in mission 3 you will track down and help save an undercover agent who has been captured.
Agent, should you choose to accept this mission, you will track down and save an undercover agent who had been captured. Our intelligence reports that our agent was last seen being taken to a closed down shipping dock. They may be escaping.
You can not let the enemy escape with our undercover agent, the information which she contains is invaluable to our operations. Her loss will put years of intelligence gathering to waste. Make haste agent, there is little time ! good luck !

100 missions mission 3 walkthrough :
Click the soldier and tap the target when it’s near the soldier’s head so you can take him down.
Zoom in on the soldier and get the dart from his neck. Also, tap his pocket and get the code : 3555 for another puzzle later !


Tap the open door near the soldier and clean up the house
get from the table a big glass and a clipboard
get the large cutter near the chair
from the the fridge take piece of meat and energy drinks

in the same room to the left, click the piece of paper
there’s a code hint and you can take the duck tape too

check the computer to turn camera off
tap the keyboard and enter the code from the clipboard : 8694

Now move to the panel inside the room and change the switches to face like the image on the paper with duck tape !
top row : right down right
bottom row : down down left
also do the same thing with panel outside near the fence to cut off electrical power

go back to the fence and use the boltcutter on it
then give the meat to the dog and enter the new area


tap the right side of the orange box and get your 1st piece of wood
go right and take 2nd piece of wood near the wooden box

now go all the way to the left and tap on the boxes, get the rope
tap the ladder and go up, use the code from the soldier to the switches
first one is set to 128, and the other 3 all the way down
you won’t able to move it anymore if you’re getting it right


go back down and tap the door
use the dart from your inventory on the lock to open it
from this room take 3rd piece of wood, anchor and axe

click your inventory and combine 3 piece of wood together
then combine the anchor with rope

move all the way to the right and use the anchor on the boat
get the key from the boat

move to the elevator area and tap the power thing to the left of the elevator
tap the danger sign and use the duct tape on the wires

tap the upper side of the electrical thing and enter the code : 1015
you get this code after finding the ‘blank’ numbers from the tower and add them together


select your key from inventory and enter the elevator
tap the middle key hole and complete the puzzle so the orange block can pass to the right


here’s the answer :
drag 3 circles piece up
drag the 2 horizontal piece on the bottom to the left
drag the piece that blocks the exit all the way down
drag up 2 vertical pieces to the left
drag the bottom 2 horizontal pieces all the way to the left
drag down the other vertical piece that blocks the exit
drag the bottom piece to the right and the vertical piece with 3 circles down
drag the piece with 2 circles to the right and the final piece that blocks the exit all the way down
now you can move the orange piece to the exit


go right and you will notice that a ladder appeared
use the combined 3 planks on the missing piece

now you can climb the ladder

finish with level 3 🙂

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