100 Doors Full Level 36 37 38 39 40 Solution

By | November 28, 2015

Game Cheats of 100 Doors Full Level 36 37 38 39 40 Solution to find the missing professor in 100 doors of virtual world, where you must solve every puzzle logic challenge code on each door of 100 room and conquer the virtual world in order to save the professor !
100 Doors Full puzzle escape game by ZENFOX on android and ios (iphone, ipad, ipod)


100 doors full room 36 walkthrough
the clue is A = 26 and Z = 01 so change the order of alphabet numbers using that rule
find the correct number for H E L P
the answer is 19 22 15 11
enter the code into keypad to open door 36

100 doors full room 37 walkthrough
press the non carnivore animals : squirrel, horse, elephant, monkey, and goat

100 doors full room 38 walkthrough
the hint is 3425123312512
move the battery to the correct bars next to the button
use this order :
battery left, top left green button 3x
battery right, top right green button 5x
battery left, middle green button 4x, bottom green button 2x
battery right, bottom right green button 6x

100 doors full room 39 walkthrough
change the button color matching the symbol cards
left = red white red
right = red black black

100 doors full room 40 walkthrough
the number position above door is the order for the floor tile, so press these in order :
1st = top left orange, left white
2nd = left white, middle right orange
3rd = bottom left orange, left white, right white, top right orange
4th = middle left orange, left white
5th = bottom left orange, right white

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