100 Doors Full Level 16 17 18 19 20 Solution

By | November 28, 2015

Game Answers of 100 Doors Full Level 16 17 18 19 20 Solution to find the missing professor in 100 doors of virtual world, where you must solve every puzzle logic challenge code on each door of 100 room and conquer the virtual world in order to save the professor !
100 Doors Full puzzle escape game by ZENFOX on android and ios (iphone, ipad, ipod)


100 doors full room 16 walkthrough
tilt your phone device to make the rock move up and pull the lever up so door 16 open

100 doors full room 17 walkthrough
tap the button following the bar on door
left side = red blue green
right side = green red blue

100 doors full room 18 walkthrough
click left faucet so the water fill in the tank
tilt your phone to right so the ball move to right tank
click on right faucet so the water gone and the ball will hit the button

100 doors full room 19 walkthrough
tap the correct password on wall following the **** *** ****

100 doors full room 20 walkthrough
press on the image that shows up on door until door 20 open

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